Deep in the arctic circle, northern Finland, lies the town of Ivalo, a place which about three thousand people call home. Ivalo is the second largest town of the municipality of Inari and

    Finland maphas all the necessary facilities to make everyday life comfortable, such as a medical-care centre, schools, many shops, an airport, even a cinema theater!

    During the winter Ivalo is a perfect place to enjoy all kinds of activities such as snowmobilling, ice fishing and cross country skiing, the location of Ivalo in the Arctic circle makes it a perfect place to see the Northern Lights.


    Thousands of people visit Ivalo each year to spend quality time in Finnish Lapland and enjoy the tranquility of Nature, it’s a unique experience. Ivalo is reachable by air and land, the nearby airport offers seasonal connections from around the world, flights from Helsinki airport are available year round. If you are travelling by car Ivalo is accessible via E75 highway, for bus connections you can check Matkahuolto.