Ivalo river

    Almost 200 kilometres long the Ivalo river, “Ivalojoki” in Finnish, was well hidden in the pristine forest of

    Tankavaara museum of gold

    Gold nugget at Tankavaara museum

    Lapland, an unknown place to most people, until 1868 when an expedition group sent by the government found gold in Nulkkamukka. New laws concerning gold mining were passed and slowly but steadily the area started gaining public attention, more and more people rushed to Lapland in search of gold and Ivalo river transformed from an unknown and feared route to a river of hope, and keep in mind that we are not talking about some small sized gold flakes. The gold museum in Tankavaara is a very interesting place to visit, there you can learn more about the history of gold in Lapland, it’s located 62 kilometres south from Ivalo.

    Tankavaara museum of gold

    The museum of gold in Tankavaara, 62 km from Ivalo


    During winter the frozen Ivalo river is a popular route for snowmobiles and dog sled activities and during the summer it’s a great place for canooing and fishing,


    Ivalo river is also a good spot for photography, especially Northern Lights photography, it provides a clear view to the sky, a flat surface to setup your tripod and if you follow the river a bit further to the outskirts of Ivalo village you can find nice dark spots away from the light pollution. Remember, if you plan to spend time outdoors especially during the night, proper clothing and hot drinks are required.

    Clear views to the sky, nice spot for Northern Lights photography