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    winter in ivalo

    Winter in Ivalo

    Yes, you have guessed it! The weather in Ivalo during the winter is cold! But not unbearable, after all everyday life in Ivalo goes on even during the winter, people go to work, walk their dogs, kids go to school even when the thermometer shows -30 degrees Celcius.

    Yes, it is possible to experience extreme cold in Ivalo, such as -30 or even -40 degrees Celcius during the winter months, but those temperatures are not the norm, usually the extreme cold waves last only a day or two. The average temperature during the winter in Ivalo is around -12 degrees Celsius, for example in 2021 the average temperature measured in Ivalo airport was: January -13 degrees, February -13, March -5.2 degrees, November -7.5 degrees.


    Of course even 0 degrees can be very cold, especially for people who arrive to Ivalo from countries where the temperature is always on the plus side. But don´t worry, there is a solution to beat the cold, it’s called ”layers”. Wearing two or even three layers of clothes makes a great difference and is the best way to make sure you will be comfortable and enjoy being outdoors, wearing a woolen base layer is probaly the best way to start your day before going out during the winter in Ivalo. Gloves and a beenie hat are a necessity during the winter.


    Winter Boots

    Typical waterproof winter boots. Remember to choose one size bigger.

    Winter boots are great if you want to keep your feet warm and dry when walking in snow and especially if you are participating in outdoors activities, remember to choose one size bigger than your normal shoe size, this is important as you want to wear two pairs of socks and still have some space for your feet to breath.






    Hand and foot warmers are also a good way to stay warm when you are outsite, just place them in your boots and pockets and they will do the magic.hand warmers Warmers are air activated, open the package only when you are ready to use them, and once they are done remember, they belong in the trash bin.