Polar night in Ivalo

    Polar night, a period of tranquillity and introspection

    Northern Lights in Ivalo

    The polar night in Ivalo starts on December 1st and lasts until 9th of January. For forty days the sun remains below the horizon, forty days of twilight which is a great opportunity to relax and experience nature from a different perspetive, of course because the night lasts longer it’s a very good period to see the Northern Lights.



    “Kaamos” is the Finnish word for polar night, don’t worry it’s not completely dark, even during polar night in Ivalo there are a few hours of light during the day and plenty of outdoor activities to participate in, but most importantly immerse hourself into the arctic environment and aprecciate one of the most important things in nature, the sun!


    Waiting for the sun to rise again